Guardhat Rebrands as Aatmunn, Leading the Global Charge in Digitizing Frontline Worker Safety

Guardhat Rebrands as Aatmunn, Leading the Global Charge in Digitizing Frontline Worker Safety

Jan 23, 2024, DETROIT--Guardhat, a leader in industrial safety innovation today announced its rebranding as Aatmunn, meaning 'Soul' or 'Spirit' in Sanskrit. The new name encapsulates the company's commitment to proactively protect frontline workers, representing a shift toward technology and connectivity in industrial safety.

The transition from Guardhat to Aatmunn signifies an evolution from its origins as a patented smart hardhat developer to a global pioneer in software-based safety and efficiency solutions targeting 2 billion frontline workers. Aatmunn’s technology prevents major industrial accidents like forklift accidents, gas leaks and radiation exposure. The technology has saved lives. In one instance, detected nearly 200 near accidents in one Day, including averting 5 potential fatalities.

Aatmunn’s Key Achievements at a Glance:

  • Digitizing and Automating Safety: Aatmunn has successfully digitized and automated over 2 million safety inspections, revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of safety protocols in industrial environments.
  • Significantly Reducing Equipment Loss: Aatmunn's tracking solutions have prevented 80% of lost or stolen safety equipment incidents, a notable achievement in an industry where typically 10% of such equipment is written off as lost or unaccounted for.
  • Massive Impact Through Data: Aatmunn's platform has detected over 1.8 million incidents, reflecting its deep penetration and effectiveness in the realm of industrial safety.
  • Operational Excellence During Crises: Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aatmunn's technology played a pivotal role in preventing 18 plant shutdowns, thereby sustaining critical supply chains.
  • Enhanced Emergency Response: The implementation of Aatmunn's solutions has led to a 50% reduction in downtime and an 80% decrease in the time required to locate personnel in emergencies.

Why Aatmunn exists.

Aatmunn’s mission is to revolutionize the lives of over 2 billion frontline workers globally. In 2023, more than 2 million frontline workers globally lost their lives. This is despite a $1 trillion investment in safety and productivity improvements. The adoption of technology in the industry has been inconsistent, leading to stagnant or declining outcomes.

The current industrial landscape underscores an urgent need for transformative change:

  • Workplace Fatalities and Injuries: Annually, 2.78 million work-related deaths and countless non-fatal injuries highlight a global safety crisis.
  • Economic Impact: These incidents impose a substantial economic burden, draining approximately 3.94% of global GDP.

“Despite various measures to connect people and PPE, progress has been hindered by a lack of holistic or integrated views of the frontline worker,” said Saikat Dey, CEO of Aatmunn. “The absence of a unifying data standard, or connectivity, leads to fragmented information, akin to trying to complete a puzzle with pieces from different sets. This disjointed approach results in no single source of truth or 'single pane of glass' regarding the frontline worker's safety.”

In this context, Aatmunn's rebranding marks a significant step forward. Established in Detroit in 2014, Aatmunn has consistently led the industry in integrating cutting-edge technology with worker safety. The company's Industrial Internet of People (IIoP) platform and Applications like Safety Inspection Manager, now augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unifying data fabric, significantly advances real-time safety, inspection, and compliance in industrial settings.

“Aatmunn is setting a new standard in worker safety and efficiency,” said Dey. The company was recognized as having Time Magazine’s Product of the Year in 2020 and OH&S Product of the Year in 2022. Currently, Aatmunn manages over 1,000 safety and operational checklists and oversees 350,000+ PPE assets with more than a million inspections. “Aatmunn is not just rebranding but reshaping the future of industrial safety,” continues Dey.

Milestones of Aatmunn (formerly Guardhat):

  • Prestigious awards like Time Magazine’s Product of the Year 2020 and OH&S Product of the Year 2022.
  • Serving 200+ Fortune 500 customers and leading partners
  • Managing over 1,000+ safety and operational equipment checklists.
  • Empowering 80,000+ workers with innovative technology.
  • Overseeing 350,000+ PPE assets with over 1 million inspections.

About Aatmunn

Aatmunn, formerly known as Guardhat and established in Detroit in 2014, is at the forefront of revolutionizing safety for frontline workers globally. Rebranding to Aatmunn reflects its commitment to a human-centric, technology-led approach in industrial safety. With its innovative Industrial Internet of People (IIoP) platform enhanced by AI and a unified data fabric, Aatmunn has made significant strides in predictive hazard detection and emergency response, improving the lives of over 2 billion deskless workers. Recognized for its pioneering solutions, including prestigious awards and serving over 200 Fortune 500 customers, Aatmunn continues to set new standards in worker safety and efficiency.