The Evolution of a Legacy


From the bustling heart of Detroit in 2014 to a global presence in 2023, our journey has been one of relentless innovation, passion, and a commitment to transforming the industrial workspace. As we step into a new chapter, we're excited to share our evolved identity with you: Aatmunn.

Join 200+ companies and our trusted network of partners and distributors in empowering and protecting frontline workers with Aatmunn.
Our Genesis

Guardhat's Vision

In the intense swelter of a blast furnace, under the weight of 2,700ºF, our founders stood amidst the raw power of industry and envisioned a safer, smarter future for the brave souls working tirelessly in such demanding environments. This vision led to the birth of the Guardhat smart hardhat - a groundbreaking fusion of industrial sensors, advanced positioning technology, and comprehensive communication capabilities. Our mission was clear: To safeguard and enhance the productivity of the individuals who are the very heartbeat of our industries.

Guardhat's innovations didn't stop there. We pioneered a state-of-the-art RTLS (Real-Time Location System), which provided hyper-accurate geolocation insights even in the most challenging industrial terrains. Our IIoP (Industrial Internet of People) platform further solidified our position as industry leaders, setting new standards for data collection, analysis, and utility in industrial settings.

 A Symbol of Renewed Commitment


In 2023, Guardhat evolved into Aatmunn, transitioning from a smart hardhat developer to an expansive connected worker platform provider. The name 'Aatmunn', meaning 'Soul' or 'Spirit', symbolizes the company's deep commitment to the holistic well-being of frontline workers. It implies that their mission goes beyond physical safety to caring for the essential human spirit of each worker, emphasizing a human-centric and compassionate approach to workforce safety.

Our new identity embodies a broader vision: one that encompasses real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and a seamless data integration platform. Aatmunn reflects our desire to not only safeguard workers but also to empower them with actionable intelligence, ensuring their safety while boosting productivity.

Forward Together

As we embrace our new identity, our core values remain unchanged. Our dedication to innovation, safety, and the empowerment of the workforce is stronger than ever. We are more committed to our vision of a world where every worker returns home safely at the end of the day, equipped with the best tools to make their tasks easier and more efficient.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new journey as Aatmunn, carrying forward the legacy of Guardhat with renewed vigour, passion, and purpose. Welcome to the future of industrial safety and intelligence. Welcome to Aatmunn.

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