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Simplifying Industrial safety like never before for frontline workers.

Join 200+ companies and our trusted network of partners and distributors in empowering and protecting frontline workers with Aatmunn.

Reduce Paperwork, Improve Preventive Maintenance

See how a manufacturing plant in Hutchinson, Minnesota, streamlined preventive maintenance inspections.

Before switching to SIM, this 1.5-million-square-foot plant conducted thousands of monthly safety inspections using inefficient paper logs. Tracking Preventive Maintenance inspections (PMs) required printing, stapling, and sorting paperwork prior to the inspections. Time-consuming administrative steps bogged down the inspection process. Despite these steps, the completed logs lacked detail and consistency. Additionally, once filed, they were difficult to retrieve.

Streamline Your Safety Inspections With Safety Inspection Manager® (SIM)


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Safety Inspection Manager®

Automate safety inspections, track worker trainings and maintain OSHA compliance, keeping your workers safe and your safety program streamlined.

Safety Control Center

Enhance Workplace Safety with Next-Generation Monitoring for Your Frontline Workforce.

Aatmunn AI

Partner with Aatmunn AI to integrate cutting-edge intelligence into your hardware, elevating your product's capabilities.